CMVE Axial piston motor Variable displacement plug-in motor

The axial piston motors of the CMVE series are orientated around use in various crawler vehicles. The compact design results in an optimum performance to weight ratio. Special features of the CMVE motor are the integrated multi-disk brake, the integrated brake valve with automatic brake release as well as the flushing and pressure limiting valves.
Circulation open
Adjustability variable
Nominal pressure 380 bar
Maximum pressure 400 bar
Areas of application Agriculture and forestry / Building construction and civil engineering / Special vehicles

Max. driving power [Pmax] 199 - 299 kW
Max. torque [Mmax] 488 - 951 Nm
Nominal size 85 108 135 165
Nominal pressure [pN] [bar] 380 380 380 380
Maximum pressure [pmax] [bar] 400 400 400 400
Displacement [Vg max] [cm³] 85.2 108.0 135.7 165.9
Max. speed [nmax] [rpm] 3,900 3,470 3,250 3,000
Displacement flow at Vg max and nmax [qv max] [l/min] 332 375 441 498
Max. driving power [Pmax] [kW] 199 225 265 299
Max. torque [Mmax] [Nm] 488 619 778 951

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