Press releases | 03/07/2017 Liebherr showcases its restructured components portfolio for large diameter bearings

  • Design manual for the static and dynamic calculation of large diameter bearings
  • Simple and quick selection of large diameter bearings for a wide range of applications

At Conexpo 2017, Liebherr presents its restructured portfolio for large diameter bearings. It has now been included into a new product catalogue, which offers a standardized selection of various bearing designs. The catalogue also provides a comprehensive guideline for the construction and integration of a bearing into a respective machine.

The new Large Diameter Bearings Catalogue by Liebherr.

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At Conexpo 2017, Liebherr presents its newly revised product portfolio for large diameter bearings. The Liebherr booth (# S84230) in south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, will showcase two types of bearings: a single-row four-point bearing with a diameter of 46.65 inches (1,185mm) and a three-row roller bearing with a diameter of 75 inches (1,095mm).

Liebherr offers a detailed, easy-to-handle product catalogue to create an effortless selection for the customers searching for the most cost-effective operation solution. The product catalogue also provides information on slewing and swiveling drives tailored specifically to the bearings.

Large diameter bearings by Liebherr are available in a wide range of designs and sizes and are reliable during numerous applications, for example; in excavators, tower cranes and wind turbines. The product portfolio for the standard series ranges from: single or double-row four-point bearings, double-row ball bearing, triple-row roller-bearing slewing rings, and a combination of both ball and roller elements. The bearings of the standard series are available in a range of diameters - 31.5 inches (800 mm) to 236.22 inches (6,000 mm) - and can be delivered in all standard gear modules. Liebherr offers segmented designs for bearings with larger diameters.

The product catalogue is also a design manual for the static and dynamic calculation of large diameter bearings; the help of a step-by-step guide makes the bearings simple and convenient to use. Detailed technical descriptions and specifications of the large diameter bearings are also provided. The contents also include Liebherr's latest research and development methods, such as; the assessment of the load distribution in a bearing on the basis of the adjacent construction, and the subsequent derivation of service life forecasts. In addition, the large diameter bearing catalogue contains the presentation of Liebherr's core competences in bearing design and engineering, induction hardening, and surface protection; this is based on over 50 years of experience.


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