News | 07/07/2016 Liebherr announces the formation of a mixed sales company, Liebherr USA, Co.

Liebherr USA, Co. provides sales and service on behalf of eight divisions.

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The Liebherr Group has formed a new mixed sales and service company in the USA in order to integrate its divisional activities which were spread over several sales and service companies. Liebherr USA, Co. became effective June 1, 2016. It provides sales and service on behalf of eight different Liebherr divisions: Construction Equipment, Mining, Crawler and Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Concrete Technology, Maritime Cranes, Components and the Domestic Appliances division which includes refrigerators and freezers. The company is managed by three managing directors: Peter Mayr, Daniel Pitzer and Dr. Torben Reher. “We are confident that this new platform will leverage the existing know-how and expertise among Liebherr divisions providing its business partners and customers with an exceptional and consistent experience in the United States,” said Dr. Torben Reher, Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co.

Effective June 1, 2016 the following companies have been incorporated into Liebherr USA, Co: Liebherr-America, Inc. (including Tower Cranes, Refrigerators and Freezers), Liebherr Components North America, Co., Liebherr Concrete Technology, Co. Liebherr Construction Equipment, Co., Liebherr Equipment Source, Liebherr Cranes, Inc., Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News, Co. (Sales & Service in the USA only) and Liebherr Nenzing Crane, Co.

Excluded are Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc., Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., Liebherr Automation Systems, Co., and Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co., which will remain independent companies. Sales and service for mining equipment in the USA, however, have been incorporated into Liebherr USA, Co.

The organizational realignment of the company’s structure especially eases customer relations: “Liebherr USA, Co. allows us to approach our customers more efficiently and thus increase customer satisfaction in the U.S.” said Peter Mayr., Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co. Daniel Pitzer, Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co., stated, “Liebherr in the United States is a success story that was made possible by our loyal American customers. The formation of Liebherr USA, Co. will elevate our organization to a higher level.”

In practical terms, all points of contact and business relationships will remain the same for the business partners and all contracts, programs, arrangements and agreements will remain in effect.

Liebherr’s commitment to the United States market began in 1970 with the construction of its manufacturing facilities and North American headquarters in Newport News, VA. Over the years new companies were formed to fulfill customer needs in different industries.