Dr. h.c. Isolde Liebherr and Dr. h.c. Willi Liebherr look back on the strongest year of the group's turnover, talk about success factors, how to deal with the shortage of skilled workers and the future prospects of the company.

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An assignment on Germany's highest mountian, a double victory in the desert, excellent products: looking back at these and other highlights of the past year.

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Everything under control

Downtime is lost time for every entrepreneur. To keep it as low as possible, the earthmoving division has built a globally functioning, lightning-fast and perfectly coordinated service network. This also works for service missions in the middle of the Swedish forest.

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To the future

Traffic jams, smog, crowding in the metro. The transport network of the French capital is completely overloaded. The infrastructure project Grand Paris is intended to prevent gridlock. Liebherr construction machines help to improve the connection between Paris and the surrounding suburbs. Find out here, how demanding the work in the middle of this densely populated metropolitan area is.

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Revolution on the Erzberg

Mining trucks are the heavyweights among their kind. In the 100-ton class Liebherr has now started to flex its muscles with its first diesel-electric drive. Check out which challenges the machine has to master when used on the Erzberg and how special the guys are who work with it.

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The water detectives

The hardly noticeable moisture measurement sensors were developed 30 years ago for mixing plants and concrete pumps. Today Liebherr moisture measurement systems are indispensable to many industrial and agricultural processes. In which industries the sensors are used today and how they continue to be researched, you can find out here.

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