In the mining product segment, Liebherr achieved a turnover of € 1,146 million, which means an increase by € 182 million, or 18.9 %, compared to the previous year.

Development compared to previous year

Turnover in € m
from 964
( + 18.9% ) 0
Investments in € m
from 40
( + 47.5% ) 0
from 3,862
( + 3.6% ) 0

Turnover by sales regions

  1. European Union
  2. North America
  3. Central and South America
  4. Non-EU countries
  5. Asia and Oceania
  6. Africa, Near and Middle East

High demand for raw materials marks the year

The mining market grew in 2021 supported by the need of higher volumes of raw materials and a backlog of expansion and replacement investments. The combination of these two factors result in a high demand for mining equipment. The current good market situation is mirrored overall in the mining product segment – even if the sales regions developed differently.

Asia and Oceania continued to be the most important sales region and grew in the reporting year. Encouraging sales growth was achieved in Australia, India and Indonesia. Both sales in the EU and in non-EU countries, including Russia in particular, recorded growth. In Africa and the Near and Middle East, sales took a downturn. Strong growth was recorded in the Americas. While projects in Brazil and the US market were mainly decisive for the mining excavator product area, Panama was the main growth driver for mining trucks. The strong performance of the T 264 mining truck was confirmed by repeating orders from existing machine owners, showing promising outlook for Liebherr’s mining truck business.

The development of ‘zero-emissions’ power trains will be a priority in the mining industry for years to come.

Presentation of the next generation of mining equipment at MINExpo

At MINExpo 2021 Liebherr presented its brand new mining technology product portfolio consisting of assistance systems, machine automation, and digital service products. Together, these products will support operator’s performance, optimise diagnostic processes and automate machine functions, whilst integrating machine data and OEM expertise within the customer’s chosen technology landscapes. During the trade fair Liebherr used the T 274 mining truck as a showcase for its trolley solution, the brand new autonomy technology and the Liebherr D 9816 engine.

A new trolley solution, allowing trolley operations on curves, has been successfully implemented on the T 236 mining truck with a total of three awards received for its innovative concept and the longest trolley line in the world. The integration of the Liebherr D 98 engine into the mining equipment marks an important milestone for both the components and the mining product segment. The Liebherr Group’s shared in-house competencies across different product segments further strengthen the company’s vertical integration strategy.

Another important milestone of 2021 has been the launch of the R 9600, the next-generation of hydraulic mining excavators, successor to the thoroughly proven and iconic R 996B with several units already in operation in Australia.

In the year under review, the mining product segment continued to work on expanding its current range to offer solutions with a low proportion of fossil fuels. By 2030, fossil-fuel-free solutions should be available for most applications. In 2021, Liebherr launched strategic partnerships focused on new technologies that support the vision of open and interoperable mine automation and zero-emissions targets.

Forecasts for 2022 point to further growth as raw materials prices favour investment activity. On the other hand, there are uncertainties due to the Russia-Ukraine war, which could have an impact on this development.