The Liebherr Group's mining product segment supplies the international mining industry with large machines for the extraction of raw materials in open-cast mining environments. These activities are coordinated by the division’s parent company, Liebherr-Mining Equipment SAS, in Colmar (France).

Mining equipment for open-cast mining

Mining equipment for open-cast mining

Mining equipment for open-cast mining
The Mining Division produces dumper trucks and hydraulic excavators for the extraction of raw materials in surface mining environments.

Specialised products and customised solutions

Loading and hauling equipment for raw material extraction is manufactured at two sites: Colmar (France) and Newport News, (Virginia, USA). The product range currently includes eight large hydraulic excavators with operating weights of 100 to 800 tonnes and a power output of up to 3,000kW. The grab capacity of these excavators is up to 47.5m³. With their diesel-electric drivelines, the large dump trucks can attain payloads of between 220 and 360 tonnes.

State-of-the-art equipment for maximum productivity

Thanks to numerous innovations, Liebherr supplies the latest range of equipment in the industry. The objective is to offer the most extensive range of products for excavators with an operating weight of more than 100 tonnes and dump trucks with a payload of 100 tonnes and over.

The main development objectives in all equipment classes include high machine availability, technical reliability and maximum energy efficiency in the entire drive system. On-site, Liebherr mining excavators and mining trucks achieve very high productivity rates as they can haul more tonnes per hour at a minimum operating cost.

24/7 availability a key factor for worldwide customer services and service

High-performance machines must be available around the clock in open-cut mining. As such, customer service plays a very important role in the mining industry. Liebherr’s Mining division continuously invests in the expansion of the service network through its own branches: in the supply of spare parts, component reconditioning and the qualification and training of service employees. This provides our customers with an end-to-end service model for the machine’s entire life cycle.