LiUP crane driver elevator for tower cranes

The newly developed LiUP crane driver elevator is designed to transport two people or a payload of 200kg. This allows the crane driver to get to his workplace quickly. Service fitters are also saved the job of having to climb up the crane to complete maintenance work.

The LiUP crane driver elevator will take you up to the crane cab in around two minutes at the touch of a button. It couldn't be faster or simpler.

The LiUP and its benefits

Perfectly tailored to Liebherr tower systems.

Perfectly tailored to Liebherr tower systems.

Perfectly tailored to Liebherr tower systems.

The rails for the crane driver elevator are coordinated to the lengths of Liebherr tower sections and require one-off installation. Existing tower sections can be retrofitted with the rails.

On the internal version the rails do not have to be removed for erecting and dismantling the tower crane. They remain in the tower section with the elevator during use and transport.

In an emergency, the LiUP can be operated independently from the tower crane's power supply. The power is supplied by a lithium ion battery with energy recovery. When the LiUP travels downwards you can recover approx. 40% of the energy using the innovative drive technology.

Technical data

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Payload 200 kg / 2 people
Speed up to 25 m/min
integrated in the tower systems 16 EC 160, 16 EC 240, 16 HC 175, 17 HC 200, 21 HC 290, 24 HC 630, 24 HC 1000, 24 HC 1250, 256 HC
Travel height on one battery charge 300 m



The LiUP crane driver elevator was awarded the golden innovation prize at the Intermat 2015 in the "Equipment & Components" category.

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