Press releases | 11/30/2023 Workplace of the Future: Liebherr Remote Control for Crawler Dozers

The Liebherr Remote Control System will revolutionise daily work routines for Crawler Dozers. Using the Liebherr teleoperation stand and high-resolution video signal, this system opens up completely new horizons: ranging from flexible remote control to exploiting areas of operation that are difficult to access. It improves safety and increases comfort and productivity, particularly when working in hazardous environments.

The Liebherr Remote Control System is suitable for all Crawler Dozers and offers increased safety, comfort and productivity.

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Telfs (Austria), November 30, 2023 – The Liebherr Remote Control System is suitable for all Crawler Dozer applications. It is made up of the Liebherr teleoperation stand, a state-of-the-art operator workstation with all the required control elements and system information. Added to this are cameras for varying viewing angles, microphones for recording machine noise, and radio receivers and transmitters. The high-resolution video signal for the main monitor provides a complete overview of the construction site and the surroundings for the Crawler Dozer. The active person detection system, fitted as an option, identifies people and obstacles within the work zone. This prevents accidents and guards the Crawler Dozer against damage. Teleoperation allows for quick driver changeover for a new shift and reduces idle and downtime. As the driver is no longer tied to the machine, the system also allows new excavation sites within the mining area to be developed or danger zones to be accessed. This expands the range of uses for Crawler Dozers.

Wide range of potential applications

Different adaptations will be available for the Remote Control System. With the on-site solution, machines can be remotely controlled directly on the construction site or in the mine without line of sight. Relay stations are available for longer distances. In the future, there will also be an option for remote operation of the system off-site, using an internet connection. The potential applications are diverse and suitable for many different construction machines. The spectrum extends from mining operations to the full range of earthmoving tasks, and from all segments of Liebherr crane technology through to goods handling and port logistics. Along with the latest assistance systems from Liebherr, which are essential for use on remote-controlled machines, this system enhances the value of the Workplace of the Future for the operator and underpins the long-term future of this career path.


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