Press releases | 04/25/2017 Hannover Messe 2017: New portfolio concept for Liebherr hydraulic pumps

  • Innovative platform concept for portfolio system
  • DPVO215i variable displacement pump for the high-pressure range

At Hannover Messe 2017, Liebherr presents its new portfolio concept for hydraulic pumps to the professional visitors. With its two axial piston pumps in the medium-pressure and high-pressure range, the Liebherr portfolio covers a still wider range of applications.

Hydraulic variable displacement pump with an impeller, DPVO215i.

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The medium pressure pump LH30VO is distinguished by its dynamic and compact housing design.

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At this year's Hannover Messe, Liebherr Components puts on show its expanded product portfolio in the field of axial piston hydraulics, and presents to the professional audience the LH30VO045 medium-pressure pump as well as the DPVO 215i high-pressure pump with impeller. Both hydraulic pumps have been designed and manufactured for open circuits. Their comprehensive controller programme makes them particularly suitable for use in industrial applications and mobile hydraulics.

For the further development and expansion of its hydraulic portfolio, Liebherr focuses on a new platform concept and construction system. With the introduction of the LH30VO series for the medium-pressure range, Liebherr hydraulic pumps and motors are classified according to the pressure range, the technology involved (for example, conventional or inverse pistons) and the materials used. This approach makes it easier for customers to choose the products that are best suited to their applications.

The product range of Liebherr axial piston machines is newly subdivided into three platforms, starting with the LH30 medium-pressure series, with a pressure range of up to 320 bar maximum. The next product family of pumps and motors is the high-pressure series for pressures of up to 420 bar. The product range is completed by a third platform with an extended pressure range of up to 500 bar.

The expanded controller programme of the LH30VO also makes for broader coverage of possible applications in the fields of stationary and mobile hydraulics. In addition to the LS0-DA and DE, there are other controllers, such as a remote pressure control (DF) controller, now available, with electro proportional control (VE/ VK, VK additional step function at control signal loss) and DA serving as additional levels for expanding the functional scope of the existing controllers. The electrically-operated controllers have been supplemented by a 12V magnet variant.

In the high-pressure range, too, Liebherr provides further demonstration of its competences with its DPVO215i variable displacement pump, specially designed for open circuits. The hydraulic pump is equipped with inverse piston technology for high-pressure applications, and boasts a wide swivel angle of 22 degrees, high pressure resistance and a 100 percent through-drive option. It can also be combined with all standard controllers, as used in both mobile and industrial hydraulics. In addition, the DPVO215i has an impeller, which reduces the risk of cavitation by pre-feeding, allowing for a higher suction speed rating and enabling a greater volumetric flow. This means that it is possible to achieve the same flow volume with a smaller, more compact rated size as with a larger unit.

Since 1978, Liebherr has been developing, manufacturing and assembling its own axial piston hydraulic motors and pumps at the Bulle site in Switzerland, and has kept pace with continually evolving market and customer requirements thanks to its innovative solutions.


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