News | 03/28/2024 Liebherr USA, Co. welcomes new finance director Sylvie Blaise

Recently appointed Finance Director, Sylvie Blaise, reflects on her journey with Liebherr and how she became the accomplished leader she is today.

Sylvie Blaise has been named the new Finance Director at Liebherr USA, Co. Blaise has been with Liebherr since 2018, and she is already taking steps to make her mark. Before her current role, she previously supported Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. as the General Manager of Finance, Accounting, and Controlling.

“Adjusting to my new role has been seamless, thanks to the support of my colleagues and my past experiences with Liebherr,” notes Blaise.

During her integration into Liebherr USA, Blaise has shown keen interest and excitement in familiarizing herself with her new workplace. “Getting to know the company culture has been a real plus,” she says, “and I’m feeling more comfortable with each passing day.”

This is not the first time Blaise has been faced with a potentially challenging shift in her career, and as she mentions, she’s learned to take them in stride.

Taking the leap

Initially working for an audit firm in France, Blaise recalls how her transition to Liebherr helped her develop her career. “This transition ultimately shaped my professional journey in profound ways,” she notes. “Liebherr has exposed me to new cultures, perspectives, and opportunities that broadened my skill set and expanded my horizons.”

Blaise goes on to say that allowing herself to embrace change is what helped her most during her initial move to the United States, and she has continued to pull from that experience as she moved into her new role with Liebherr USA. Along with the ability to embrace these shifts in her career, she has also gained the expertise needed to become the leader she is today.

Leading and looking forward

According to Blaise, building relationships within her team was a large part of what helped her become a successful leader. “Central to this is the ability to empathize and connect with others, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment,” she notes.

Becoming a good leader takes work, says Blaise, requiring many skills such as strong communication, decisiveness, and strategic thinking. “Effective leadership necessitates a diverse skill set,” she continues, emphasizing that guiding your team towards your goals may not be easy, but it is pivotal to achieving overall success.

Blaise attributes much of her success as a leader to the guiding principles she integrates into all her work. “Integrity has been the force that’s steered me through my path and helped me achieve my goals,” she notes, adding that upholding these values has not only kept her true to herself but also earned the respect and trust of her team and others.

With her journey at Liebherr USA, Co. only just started, Blaise is looking forward to bringing her experience and know-how to her new team and contributing to the overall success of Liebherr.