News | 10/24/2022 Liebherr’s most powerful standard crane at Bauma 2022: The 1188 EC-H high-top crane with fibre rope

  • – The 1188 EC-H 40 Fibre high-top crane is now available for order worldwide
  • – Fibre rope enables powerful performance with economical use of resources
  • – A jib head load capacity of up to 13,100 kilograms at an 80-metre radius for demanding lifts

Liebherr is unveiling its most powerful standard crane, the 1188 EC-H 40 Fibre, at the construction machinery trade fair in Munich, marking an upward expansion of its standard product portfolio. Featuring high-tensile fibre rope, the crane is ideal for high lifting capacities and is therefore a great choice for bridge, power station and plant construction. Such projects often involve prefabricated parts weighing several tonnes that need to be moved and positioned with millimetre precision. Thanks to its 40-tonne maximum load capacity and smart assistance systems, the high-top crane can handle lifts like this with ease.

The improvements that are possible using Liebherr's fibre rope technology are impressively demonstrated by the latest addition to the EC-H series: the new 1188 EC H 40 Fibre is capable of lifting up to 13,100 kilograms at the jib head, at a jib length of 80 metres. This means that the Fibre model surpasses the already powerful 1000 EC-H steel rope crane by up to 2.1 tonnes in terms of jib head load capacity. The standard maximum reach of the 1188 EC H 40 Fibre is as long as 90 metres, which increases the range of possible uses on site. Freestanding hook heights of up to 81.3 metres can be achieved in a most cost-effective way in combination with the 24 HC 1000 tower system.

Efficient solution for large construction sites

“The 1188 EC-H 40 is our first high-top crane with fibre rope technology. We’ve increased the performance capacity of our EC-H series even further with this crane and can now offer our customers even greater support for the implementation of large and custom projects,” says Markus Kinateder, Product Manager, Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH. Powerful performance, impressive cost-efficiency and careful use of resources: Liebherr’s new high-top crane with fibre rope design offers customers an efficient solution for their site needs. The lighter weight of the fibre rope enables a lighter crane design compared to that of a steel rope model. Fibre rope also has a longer service life than steel rope.

The EC-H crane excels at moving heavy loads. Thanks to its slewing platform concept with external cabin and the compact 24 HC 1000 tower system, the crane also impresses during transport and assembly. Liebherr's own high-performance drives ensure a high handling capacity, which in turn contributes positively to the workflows on site. Various climbing and rigging systems enable the machines to reach impressive hook heights. Smart assistance systems help the crane operator to operate their tower crane efficiently and safely. The ergonomically equipped LiCAB cabin provides optimal comfort when working and a comprehensive view of the construction site.

Fibre rope advantages at a glance

The high-tensile fibre rope, which is the result of 10 years of development work by Liebherr and the rope manufacturer Teufelberger, is a groundbreaking technology. Fibre cranes achieve significantly higher performance values compared to their steel rope counterparts. The fibre rope is more durable, easier to handle when reeving due to its lighter weight, and maintenance is less complicated as lubrication isn’t required. And on top of all that, operational safety is also increased; crane operators are able to see at a glance when the fibre rope needs replacing. The components of the rope’s cover wear out at different rates – a red layer indicates that the rope has reached the end of its service life.