News | 03/06/2023 Liebherr Indonesia’s first female technician

Liebherr Indonesia hired its first female technician, Alicia Nelwan, in September 2022 which marked another step forward for the company’s commitment to gender parity in the workplace. Alicia is a mechanical engineering graduate who specialises in rail vehicles. The challenges and opportunities that the mining industry can provide have always fascinated Alicia and the Liebherr Group – with the company’s focus on encouraging employee passions and offering a stable working environment – was the perfect fit.

Alicia Nelwan, Liebherr Indonesia’s first female technician, is proud to be part of the team.

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Alicia has always been interested in the mining industry and the excellent career prospects the field can offer, both domestically and overseas. The invigorating experiences that the mining industry provides have also encouraged Alicia to become more proficient in her work. In her role as a Field Service Technician, Alicia is exposed to new and exciting challenges each day. Her position involves providing repair and maintenance services for machinery on a customer’s site and for equipment brought to Liebherr Indonesia to be assessed. Alicia explains, “I had a perception that the mining industry has a dynamic approach to work. This pushes me to be physically and mentally prepared to face any new obstacles.”

Working with Liebherr Indonesia offers Alicia the opportunity to experience all that had intrigued her about working in mining. Being both a globally active and a family-owned company, the Liebherr Group offers a stable and international working environment that focuses on forming long-term relationships with its employees as well as with customers and partners. The diverse career opportunities offered by the Group, combined with exposure to industry expertise within each product segment, also benefits Alicia. With the support of her highly-experienced senior colleagues at Liebherr Indonesia, Alicia has already started to obtain new skills and knowledge. “The working environment and the people are very welcoming and encouraging,” she adds. This positive environment, together with ample opportunities for development, create the best conditions for Alicia to always give her best in all of her responsibilities. “I am convinced that every contribution, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on my environment. Working at Liebherr has strengthened my conviction in this regard.”

Liebherr Mining as an employer: Contributing to the mining industry of the future

For Alicia, the presence of women in mining can help to challenge the status quo and current biases by offering new perspectives on issues that may previously have been looked at differently. “I am very happy to be able to contribute something to the further development of this industry and Liebherr Indonesia with my perspective and new ideas,” Alicia says. As the industry makes strides to increase the number of women in mining – through initiatives such as mentorship programs, training, and corporate social responsibility programs focused on promoting equal employment opportunities – more opportunities will become available for talented women.

Alicia explains, “I strongly support women who want to pursue a career in the mining industry. However, I also strongly stand by the fact that every woman has her own skill set and has the right to work according to her passion, be it in mining or any other industry.”

Encouraging diversity in the workplace – taking into consideration all gender identities – is very important to Liebherr. Liebherr offers many opportunities for experienced professionals and experts in both traditional and new career fields. As an employer, Liebherr has always stood for consistency and stability. The Group also gives employees freedom to act in their everyday work so that they can responsibly pursue ambitious goals and create ideal solutions, all while following their individual passions. Liebherr Indonesia is excited to welcome Alicia to the Group so that she can follow her professional dreams and will endeavour to ensure she has more female colleagues in the near future.