Press releases | 11/19/2018 Liebherr at the Pollutec 2018 trade fair

  • Liebherr stand at hall 3B / booth No. 123
  • Exhibits from Liebherr’s product range for the fields of earthmoving and material handling
  • In-house developed Liebherr-engine with modular SCR filter system

As of 27 November, Liebherr hosts a stand at the 40th Pollutec trade fair. Focusing on earthmoving, material handling and in-house developed components Liebherr can be found in the exhibition area for recycling, recovery and reuse at stand hall 3B / booth No. 123. Apart from machines adapted for recycling applications, the manufacturer also showcases their new diesel engine with modular SCR filter system.

From November 27-30, Liebherr displays products for multiple industries and applications. The Liebherr booth provides room for the L 546 wheel loader and T 55-7 telescopic handler as well as the stage V Liebherr diesel engine.

Telescopic handler T 55-7

At the Pollutec trade fair Liebherr exhibits the telescopic handler T 55-7, an example of the 8 new telescopic handler models in a total of 26 different versions launched in the course of 2018. The new Liebherr telescopic handlers are available in two model lines: First, the top-of-the-range models for materials handling or for production applications (identified by the suffix S). Second, the simple, cost-optimised value models for stacking and lifting applications. At Pollutec Liebherr the T 55-7 represents the new Liebherr telescopic handler series.

The new Liebherr telescopic handlers have a maximum speed of 40 km/h. As an alternative, the machines are offered in speed versions of 20 km/h and 30 km/h. The telescopic handlers are braked without wear by means of the hydrostatic drive's self-stoppage function. The "Liebherr hill assist", installed as standard, ensures safety and maximum driving comfort when travelling over uneven ground thanks to the automatic activation of the parking brake. The machines' performance has been improved as a result of the complete redesign of the working hydraulics. As an alternative to the established working hydraulics in the value models, Liebherr is equipping the S models with high-performance hydraulics. A powerful load sensing working hydraulic pump with an oil output of 160 l/min and a control block with load-independent flow rate distribution enable overlapping working movements and therefore dynamic and rapid operating cycles.

Wheel loader L 546

Liebherr presents the L 546, the largest representative of its mid-range wheel loaders, at the Pollutec 2018 trade fair. The range comprises three models of wheel loaders - L 526, L 538 and L 546 - all of which remain true to the reputation of this machine class as powerful and reliable all-rounders. The generation is compliant with the emissions guidelines of emission stage IV/ Tier 4f. In order to increase the robustness and durability of these wheel loaders, Liebherr has installed larger axles and reinforced the steel structures. The proven and efficient hydrostatic driveline also impresses with fuel savings of up to 25% in comparison with other wheel loaders of the same size class. Numerous application-specific solutions also offer increased versatility. This makes the all-round wheel loaders from Liebherr ideal partners for demanding applications in areas such as the recycling sector.

The L 546 is powered by an efficient 120 kW / 163 hp diesel engine. The Pollutec exhibit is equipped with a parallel lift arm system, a mechanical hydraulic quick hitch and a 4.5 m² high-tipping bucket. Operating weight and tipping load in the L 546 are well balanced: With an operating weight of 15,360 kg, the Pollutec exhibit achieves a tipping load of 8,200 kg. The high tipping load combined with a low operating weight means that a high operating capacity can be realized.

In-house developed diesel engine with modular SCR filter system

At this year’s Pollutec, Liebherr presents a solution to comply with the EU emissions standard of the future stage V for diesel engines. The SCR filter is already for diesel engines stage IV as well as the Swiss market. The SCR filter complies with the regulations planned for diesel engines stage V and is now being used in machines for tunnel construction. The SCR filter system is part of the modular Liebherr engine concept, extremely compact and is characterised by long service intervals of over 4,500 hours.

The SCR filter system from Liebherr comprises a maintenance-free DOC catalytic converter, a SCR catalytic converter with passive regeneration and a SCR-coated particulate filter. As a result, the maintenance intervals can be stretched to more than 4,500 operating hours. With the in-house development of engines, injection systems, engine controls and exhaust gas after treatment solutions Liebherr enables high system integration. High efficiency stage can be achieved with simultaneous low fuel consumption. As an all-in-one solution, the further developed ECU3 engine control unit comprises all control functions for engines up to 560 kW and also for exhaust gas after treatment.