News | 05/26/2015 Liebherr apprentices gain professional experience in Norway

Apprentices of Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH took part in an exchange programme in Norway for four weeks

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As part of a four-week exchange programme, Liebherr apprentices attended Norwegian schools and visited Norwegian businesses in May and obtained international professional experience. For the Liebherr group of companies international business contacts have always been extremely important. In order to prepare the aspiring professionals for international assignments early on and get them enthusiastic about such missions, an exchange programme is an inherent part of the training at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH in Kempten. During a four-week stay industrial and commercial apprentices had the opportunity to obtain valuable international experience in Norway.

For eleven years now Liebherr has been cooperating with various schools in Norway in the area of apprenticeship. The apprentices attend classes for three days according to their specialist area, in order to become familiar with the Norwegian education system and exchange information and ideas with Norwegian apprentices.

In addition to the schools, for many years now Liebherr has also been maintaining partnerships with companies in the greater area of Trondheim and Sarpsborg. Following the three days of classes, there the apprentices learn how to interact in new teams and support the skilled workers in their tasks in the partner companies.

During their international stay the apprentices should not only obtain an insight into new businesses and operations, but also get to know the environment, the culture, the people and their mentality. As well as attending the schools and visiting businesses, excursions were also arranged for this purpose. Andrea Schaber, an industrial mechanic in her second year as an apprentice at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, also took part in the exchange programme and worked in Norway in the paper factory Pederson. Together with her Norwegian colleagues, she designed and manufactured a stacking system. “I practised the skills I previously learned and was also able to expand my skills to the areas of repair and electronics. I also learned new working methods and became familiar with the culture of the country.”