News | 07/01/2020 Liebherr-Aerospace Video Wins Gold Remi Award

Liebherr-Aerospace received the Gold Remi Award with a video presenting the company’s test- and qualification center in Lindenberg (Germany).

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Once again, Liebherr-Aerospace took home a prestigious Remi award at the WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival annual event. The company received a Gold Remi award in the category of “Industrial/Technical” for its Test and Qualification Center short film. The video was produced and directed by Kempten-based firm Silberstern and it showcases the company's unwavering commitment to quality.

“Every takeoff marks the end of a successful journey” is the opening line of the production displaying some of the strenuous behind the scenes work related to testing and qualification in the aviation industry. Viewers are able to catch a glimpse of Liebherr's secret to success - the understanding that excellence lies within details. From the smallest parts to complex systems, their testing facility in Lindenberg (Germany) upholds the highest level of quality assurance.

The WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival was founded 59 years ago and is the oldest independent film festival in the world. Liebherr-Aerospace is proud to be the recipient of this Gold Remi award, as this year over four thousand videos were submitted from 74 different countries with only a 10% rate of award recognition.

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