News | 07/06/2023 Great Cranes, Great Love: 3 questions for podcast host and crane operator Katie Kelleher

“Tales from the Hook” is the name of a very popular podcast sponsored by Liebherr and hosted by passionate crane operator Katie Kelleher. In it she talks about industrial insights as well as trends and stories happening in the construction sector. We took a look behind the scenes and spoke to Katie about her passion for cranes and her tips for women who see their future in the construction industry.

You started working as a lifting operator when you were 30. Was this when your interest in Liebherr cranes started, and what is it that fascinates you about Liebherr and its mobile and crawler cranes?

This was absolutely when my fascination with Liebherr cranes began. My first on-site crane was operating an LTR 1060 on the prestigious Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) site in central London at Tottenham Court Road. It was the perfect crane for this site which lacked space and was in one of the busiest parts of London. I think what fascinated me most was how capable, and operator-friendly the crane was. I felt like the cab was my own space, my peace and my oasis in a very busy area. It was my happy place! And I am not alone with that fascination for Liebherr cranes: Not many brands out there can compete with the strength of the worldwide Liebherr fan base!

For many years now, you have been an advocate for women in construction. Why is this topic so important and what advice do you have for girls and women who want to work in the industry?

Honestly, I stumbled upon construction, a sector I was never told about in school or during any of my apprenticeships. I didn’t know anything about that industry and had many misconceptions about it. But that sector took me on the most interesting career journey and changed my whole life. That’s why I want young people to be better informed today than I was back then. I don’t want women and girls to be held back by biases and misconceptions. It is important to sell our industry way better than we did in the past by informing girls and women about the skills required and the options available. Furthermore, we need visible role models of all ages, races, sexes, and backgrounds to gain the experts we need for the future. A tip I would give to any girl, woman, or anyone looking to work in the industry is to do the research so you are aware of the countless opportunities out there. Many companies offer apprenticeships and training – use the chance for making your own impressions.

You recently entered the world of podcasts and are the host of “Tales from The Hook”, which is sponsored by Liebherr. How did this podcast come about, what’s its aim, and what’s in store for 2023?

“Tales from the Hook” gives me a place to tell stories about construction, to talk about people’s experiences, apprenticeships and journeys in the industry. I have been lucky enough to talk to people from all different areas in the industry, from current apprentices and former trainees who have worked their way up, to engineers who have become CEOs. We have discussed mental health, talked about how to inspire the younger generations and how important it is to be completely present when you’re at work. Some episodes have been very funny, some very serious. This year we will air season two of “Tales from the Hook”. In this season, I want to look closer into the plant facilities sector and the people in it – company owners, influencers, operators and much more! I think it will again be very inspiring – so stay tuned!

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