Bucket fabrication certified to internationally recognised benchmark

Steve Smith and Bec Cameron with the ISO 3834.2 certificate.

Steve Smith and Bec Cameron with the ISO 3834.2 certificate.

Steve Smith and Bec Cameron with the ISO 3834.2 certificate.

Liebherr-Australia’s fabrication department, located in the Head Office complex in Adelaide, has received certification for AS/NZS ISO 3834.2 ‘Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, Part 2: Comprehensive Quality Requirements.’

This certification, which complements the quality standard ISO 9001, is the highest level of quality assurance in fabrication.

The internationally recognised certification was gained through Weld Australia, the peak body representing the welding industry in Australia.

ISO 3834.2 covers all areas of the welding and fabrication process from design through to inspection, including the technical knowledge of welding personnel, quality control, consistency of production, and compliance to design requirements.

While the standard at the facility was already outstanding prior to certification, the team implemented some improvements to ultimately achieve the certification requirements.

The upgrades included calibration of welding machines, and upskilling members of the team.

Two team members, Chris Jamieson and Daryl Cornelius, completed training to become Visual Welding Inspectors through CSWIP 3.0 certification.

Steve Smith, Group Leader Fabrication was also heavily involved in Liebherr-Australia’s successful implementation of ISO 3834.2, completing International Welding Specialist (IWS) certification to fulfil the requirement of an ISO-certified Welding Coordinator at the facility.

Outside of the ISO 3834 certification requirements, Liebherr-Australia has further strengthened their team with the addition of Bec Cameron, Fabrication Welding Quality Coordinator.

Bec’s experience and qualifications bring NACE Level 2 paint inspection capability along with substantial weld inspection capability, further committing Liebherr-Australia to the highest quality standard.

The procedures now in place at the facility deliver reduced risk, increased quality of product, and further technical knowledge, whilst also reducing the cost of fabrication for Liebherr-Australia as the team honed efficiency within the process.

While the certification scope is currently limited to the manufacture of new buckets within Liebherr-Australia’s facility in Adelaide, there is potential to expand the scope at the yearly surveillance audits.