She chose Liebherr because it is a large, internationally known company

Lea Ehrhart wanted her training to offer security and variety – and went on her first business trip as soon as she started at Liebherr. The future industrial clerk swiftly gained new impressions of a company that she had actually known since childhood, through her mother. Two generations under one roof – that is not unusual at Liebherr. It is a family firm with a long tradition and a diverse range of activities, which Lea learned about during her training. With that, plus a stay abroad in Wales, she feels ideally equipped for her subsequent career path.

Thanks to the many experiences I have gained so far during my training, I feel well prepared and am looking forward to starting my career.

Lea Ehrhart

“I was aware of Liebherr from an early age because my mother has worked there for more than thirty years as a painter, and she is very happy. But that was not my main reason for choosing a traineeship at Liebherr. I wanted a fairly large company that could offer me security but also an interesting course with lots of prospects. And with Liebherr I felt I was laying exactly the right foundations for my professional future.

I am training as an industrial clerk, and I really appreciate the variety of insights into the company’s structure that going through the different departments has given me. Before leaving each department we complete a LIFE (Liebherr feedback) process, where we learn to assess our own performance and then compare that with our trainers’ assessments. Feedback is very important to me so that I can grow, and learn from mistakes.

During my training I have also gained many experiences that have given me a better understanding of the world of work. Right from the beginning, I was able to tag along on a business trip to one of our suppliers. It made a big impression, to be present at such important negotiations. Then in my second year of training, I went to Wales for four weeks to improve my English.

Looking back, I am very grateful for the experiences I have gained during my training, and I am looking forward to more in the future at Liebherr. I definitely feel very well prepared to start my career.”

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