CCFA-CS-EB-SW Ø 800/720 Cutting shoe

The single-wall cutting shoe is fitted with tooth holders for exchangeable blocks, which can be quickly changed. For better wear protection, the cutting shoes are made of 40 mm solid material.
Casing outside diameter 800 mm
Effective length 500 mm
Type Standard
Equipment Cutting shoe made of solid material and fitted with QCB63 exchangeable blocks. For further optional blocks, see wear parts.

Casing outside diameter 800 mm
Total length 770 mm
Range of application For double-walled casing
CCFA-CS-EB-SW Ø 800/720 x 500
Effective length [mm] 500
Casing outside diameter [mm] 800
Casing inside diameter [mm] 720
Total length [mm] 770
Weight [kg] 450
Wall thickness casing [mm] 40
Article no. 11992993

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