CCFA-AU-RSC2i-HD 2m / Ø 420 CCFA drill starter (double rotary drilling)

Double-start auger starter with round shank chisels, calibrating cutter without pilot positioned opposite. Concrete discharged behind the main cutter. The opening can be closed during the drilling process with a single-use plastic cover.
Diameter 420 mm
Type Heavy duty
Connector octagonal - 150 mm Spanner width
Effective length 2,000 mm
No. of cutters double-start
Pilot none
Casing cased
Range of application Very densely compacted sand and gravel, as well as fissured rock
Equipment Cutters and flights are provided with wear protection.

Max. torque 120 kNm
Max. pull force 360 kN
Outside diameter hollow stem 203 mm
Inside diameter concrete supply pipe 100 mm
CCFA-AU-RSC2i-HD 2m Ø 420 mm for casing Ø 508/448 mm
Diameter [mm] 420
Casing outside diameter [mm] 508
Casing inside diameter [mm] 448
Effective length [mm] 2,000
Total length [mm] 2,240
Weight [kg] 495
Flight pitch [mm] 330
Article no. 13621112

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