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Be ready for docking!

Your ship must go into dock – think about your cranes as well. With a pre-docking inspection, you are ready for a fast and effective dry-docking.

With a predictive inspection, you only order parts that are required and avoid unplanned delays while your upcoming dry-docking.

Delegate resources and benefit from an even better budget planning and our specialists’ years of experience.

Fast. Effective. Preventive.

Efficient time management of essential works


Necessary parts delivered before docking

Maximized service life due to preventive maintenance


Precise budgeting

Step 1: Inspection

Four to six months before dry-docking is the time to focus on preparations. Our experienced engineers usually need one day to inspect a crane at a location of your choice worldwide.

  • Visual inspection of crane condition
    and relevant components
  • Checking of all electric and electronic configurations
  • Monitoring of all hydraulic settings
  • Crane function test and rope inspection
  • Taking of oil samples for analysis

Step 2: Follow-up

Our engineer will issue your individual follow-up report based on the results of the inspection.

It contains:

  • Complete check list
  • Inspection report
  • Oil sample analysis
  • Offer of parts and repair solutions if necessary
  • General recommendations

Step 3: Planning and budgeting

We support you in the best possible time and resource management.

Knowing the condition of the crane helps you to avoid unforeseen findings during your dry-docking. A pre-docking inspection gives you the opportunity to avoid unexpected expenses and carefully plan and budget for the eventual work that needs to be done.

Step 4: Condition-based parts delivery and service

Our global network ensures that all required parts will be available during your dry-docking.

You can decide whether you want them to be delivered to a suitable address before dry-docking or directly to the shipyard.

You have the option that our experienced engineers or other specialists will perform the tasks directly and make your crane fit for new challenges.