Liftinghero Lars – being an MK crane operator makes my life complete!

Even as a child, Liftinghero Lars was a real crane enthusiast. “When I grow up, I want to be a crane driver” – and today his dream has come true. Shortly before he started his apprenticeship as a bricklayer, he also began training as a mobile crane operator.

For many years, he worked with a very wide range of Liebherr telescopic cranes and gathered experience. But he never quite achieved what he wanted. What made his life complete was switching to a mobile construction crane: “Finally I can live my dream by focusing on the MK. I look forward every day to climbing into my MK 88-4.1 Plus!”

This is why Lars is such a passionate MK operator

Facing new challenges every day means that life in a crane never gets boring. Lars enjoys facing challenging tasks and looks forward to being able to use all his experience and skills. In addition, it is the friendly people that he meets on site which make his work such a dream job.

Liebherr mobile construction cranes have several benefits, and the fact that they can simply slew over projecting edges is the one that Lars particularly likes. But there is also the fact that as an MK operator you have a perfect view of the load and do not have to rely on others, whilst the user-friendly remote control and the cab with a view also have their own charms. His favourite, and most used function is level luffing with the jib in the luffed position, which automatically holds the hoisting height at the same level.

You immediately realise that Lars is a passionate MK fan and could talk to us about cranes for hours!

Exciting sites – a wide range of uses means that things never get boring

In 22 years as a crane operator, Lars has worked on a few very exciting sites. One of his best memories is the site of the “FAIR” particle accelerator in Darmstadt. This was where a significant structure for human research was created and Lars is very proud to have played his part in the project. For more information about this site, take a look at our Magazine article.

Lars is on the road almost every day with his MK 88-4.1, which means that he can visit up to 20 different sites each month. His MK is suitable for a wide range of uses – the installation of roof windows, the erection of an antenna system or air-conditioning system on a roof or completing work on silo tank cladding – every day is different!

Currently he is working at a computer centre where he and his MK are installing a cooling system on the roof.

His motto and his advice to others is to maintain a touch of tranquillity

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Regardless of how stressful or chaotic a site may be, the crane operator is always the calmest person there, making the whole thing work with his expertise and tranquillity.

And what Lars does to wind down includes walking, sport and historical cranes

To wind down after his busy crane operating job, Lars loves sport and going for a walk. But he never quite manages to leave cranes behind even when he is not at work – he is also very interested in historical cranes. “My life has really been damaged by cranes”, he says with a wink.

Name: Lars Vielmuth Age: 43 Home: Oppenheim, Germany Experience: 22 years Job: Mobile crane operator Slogan: Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Become a Liftinghero


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