Press releases | 04/08/2019 Liebherr presents the ETM truck mixer range with electric drum drive

  • Emission-free on the building site
  • Trendsetting in urban use
  • Sales begin at the time of Bauma, planned delivery as of Q3 2019

Liebherr introduces two truck mixers with electrical drum drives at Bauma. With the ETM range, Liebherr provides its customers with a complete range with various drum sizes are even as a semitrailer. Liebherr is presenting two models at Bauma: An ETM 905 as a fixed structure and an ETM 1004 T as a semitrailer with fully electrical tractor.

No compromises on the building site with the ETM range from Liebherr: always at full power with very low noise and fully free of exhaust gas emissions.

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The battery capacity reserves are large and are sufficient for the whole working day in standard operation.

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With the new ETM electrically-driven truck mixer range, Liebherr is reacting to the increased requirements for reducing emissions in areas of high population density. The trend is clear: The regulations for using diesel engines are becoming ever stricter, especially on building sites in large cities. This also applies to the ready-mixed concrete sector.

Suitable for heavy use

The new ETM range was tested comprehensively and under extreme conditions. The electrical drum drive was even impressive with very thick concrete consistencies such as F1 or F2. In difficult winter operation, the system was able to prove full performance at all times thanks to the optimised thermal management for the batteries. The battery capacity reserves are large and are sufficient for the whole working day in standard operation. The battery is recharged during the journey by a compact and efficient generator. Alternatively, the battery can be charged at up to 22 kW using a standard type 2 plug, for example when charging on the concrete mixing plant. A complete charge normally takes place at the end of the shift.

This energy concept is future-proof thanks to the 650 Volt DC system and designed for future electric HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles). The drum sizes and the axle load weight distribution are virtually identical to the conventional Liebherr truck mixers and therefore driving stability is at the same high level. The drum can also be emptied without battery support by the generator (HGV engine).


Here you will find the press release and images for download.

Press Information: ETM Truck Mixer ZIP (18.3 MB)
Press kit: Bauma ZIP (267.9 MB)

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