News | 10/13/2020 Digitalisation in a diversified company

From remote services through condition monitoring to jobsite installations – with the aid of new information technologies and digital data, the Liebherr Group develops new solutions and business models. Digitalisation offers a whole array of new technologies; however, it is vital to ensure that new technologies ultimately serve the customers.

To make the digital transformation succeed in a highly diversified group of companies such as Liebherr, it is important to maintain a good balance between centralized efficiency and front-line business integration. “The greatest challenge will be to effectively manage and prioritise our digital efforts as a diversified company”, Kjeld Jespersen from Liebherr-International AG explains in the interview. Hence Liebherr promotes transparency and collaboration, uses synergies within the Group and is working systematically to stay one step ahead in this digital transformation.

Find out more in our interview with Kjeld Jespersen.

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