Information and service

Global service network

A dense service network enables us to deliver reliable support. Liebherr has its own sites or partners in more than 70 countries.

Training for customers and personnel

Well trained specialists help to improve the performance and safety of the cranes. That is why Liebherr has its own training centres. Training

Used cranes from the manufacturer

Liebherr is also specialises in used mobile and crawler cranes. We test used cranes in our own service and repair centres to ensure their safety and durability. Used cranes

Responsibility for safety

Safe crane jobs are one of Liebherr's main focal points. Our commitment extends from design work to intensive product testing. We also provide practical expertise for users. Safety

Always on the customer's doorstep

For challenging crane jobs, we are at your side to provide advice and support. We ensure your job is a complete success by providing technical assistance. Close to the customer


Liebherr provides extensive information and performance data for all its products. Our download site contains a wide range of brochures and publications on specialist topics. Downloads