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Our benefits

Our benefits for the United Kingdom

What we offer

The listed benefits and their extent may vary depending on the role within the company group as well as on the company itself. For further information, please get in touch with the respective contact for the job advertisement.

Attractive salary

  • Tied to collective agreement

Vocational training and university programmes

  • International placement opportunities for trainees and students/ Apprenticeship
  • Employment after training/studying


  • Addiction and dependency support
  • Return-to work plan

Company pension

  • Company pension plan (employer-funded)
  • Company pension (employee-funded)

Company facilities

  • Apprenticeship workshop
  • Outdoor break areas
  • Shower

Company workwear & work equipment

  • Company mobile phone
  • Free workwear for production staff
  • Laundry service for production staff
  • Work clothes for trainees(e.g. workwear, collage jackets or trade fair attire)
  • Screen protection goggles/prescription safety goggles

Food and drink

  • Free fruit
  • Water cooler/free drinking water
  • Drinks/snack machines

Flexible working hours

  • Flexitime
  • 4-day week
  • Partial retirement
  • Long term annual leave account
  • Parental part-time work
  • Part-time work

Leisure activities

  • Participation in external sports events e.g. race events

Health programmes

  • Workplace wellness days

Health care

  • Health checks


  • Site tour for new employees

Staff development

  • Management development/training
  • Training programme
  • Training opportunities
  • Partnerships with colleges/universities to support employees studying part-time


  • Company sports teams


  • Discount on Liebherr products in the Liebherr-Shop employee portal

Additional payments

  • Performance bonus