Ylka Wora experiences true team spirit at the Liebherr Group

Even training events are like a big family gathering, where everyone gets to talk to each other. For Ylka in the skills development department at Colmar, this structure forms the basis for a company that, together with its employees, will be successful today and in the future. At Liebherr – and she knows this from her daily experience – the employees are the main focus. And it has been that way for over 70 years.

I really like the way that Liebherr has never stopped reinventing itself, and always puts its employees first.

Ylka Wora

“I like working with different people from different departments, and helping them achieve their professional goals and plans for the future. That is why, for several years now, I have worked in human resource development at Colmar. My role is to assist managers in identifying gaps and development themes in the various departments.

Then I offer employees diversified opportunities – for example in the form of internal and external training courses, workshops or seminars, which I organize too.

Every day, I appreciate working in a company that looks to the future and has a family orientation. Here, every employee’s personal strengths and skills count, like in a large family. I remember one particular training event involving employees from all kinds of fields and hierarchy levels. Everyone talked to each other, and every participant was valued and treated the same way.

Since it was established nearly 70 years ago the Liebherr Group has never stopped evolving and developing, while never losing sight of its original values, and always staying focused on its employees. I believe that this will remain key to Liebherr’s future success. I am happy and proud to be able to contribute to this success through my work – today and in the future.”

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