LS 180 E Shaping machine with electronic shaping head

The electronic shaping head provides maximum flexibility, allowing the LS 180 E to shape straight and helical gears in one clamping. The easy-to-use control system means that lead modifications with different crowning are no problem. These features make the machine as interesting for the supplier industry as it is for prototype development. Gear shaping is still vital, especially for workpieces without sufficient tool overrun, and will not be replaced by other processes such as the new gear skiving in the future. On the same platform, Liebherr also offers the LS 400 EM, which is ideal for manually loaded workpieces with a diameter of up to 400 millimeters.


  • Electronic shaping head with up to 1,500 double strokes per minute
    • Minimal setup times
    • No mechanical helical guides required
    • Setting of various helix angles and modification via NC control
  • Different gears and splines in one clamping
  • NC stroke position adjustment


  • Automatic loading unit with plastic chain conveyor and chain storage for flexible workpiece feed

LC 80 WD Worm milling

Thanks to high machine rigidity and fast automation, the LC 80 WD is ideal for milling steering worms and for industrial worm applications. The highly rigid tool and workpiece clamping gives it a long tool life and excellent workpiece quality. It also comes with an optional additional station for a dedicated chamfering or brushing unit. The strength of the machine lies in the quality, cycle time and value-adding additional operations for economical serial worm production.


  • Optimized static and dynamic rigidity
    • High process capability
    • Long tool life thanks to additional counter bearings on the worm milling head
  • Ring loader for rapid loading and unloading
  • Robust tool holding


  • Chamfering or brushing during the machining process
  • Various automation options, such as belt conveyors and robot automation

LGG 180 / 280 Something neat: generating grinding in the age of the clean factory

In order to avoid waste and make efficient use of resources such as service fluids and expensive grinding coolants, the LGG generating grinding machine has an integrated centrifugal unit. This cleans the gears by throwing off chips and coolant, so that they are transferred from the machining station in a clean condition. The centrifugal unit is decoupled from the machine tool so that no vibrations are transmitted to the process. The direct return of the grinding oil significantly reduces operating costs, and no oil ends up outside the machine. This contributes significantly to sustainable production in a clean factory.


  • Topological generating grinding
  • Direct data exchange with the gear inspection machine via LHOpenConnect (find out more about LHOpenConnect)
  • High technological flexibility
    • Hard fine machining of internal and external gears
    • Generating, profile and combination grinding
    • Different cutting materials (corundum, CBN, ceramic CBN)


  • Decoupled centrifugal station for transferring clean, drip-free workpieces to the automation system
  • Freely configurable centrifuging time and speed
  • Easy access for setup through a separate door

LK 180 / 280 DC From Skiving³ to SkivingPlus

The new-generation LK 180 / 280 comes with a wide range of options: the machine-integrated tool changer with up to twelve storage spaces has room for roughing and finishing tools, but can also be used for other tools, such as for turning, drilling or hobbing. An additional chamfering device with the new FlexChamfer method ensures deburring during the machining process. An integrated tool measuring device for skiving wheels shortens setup times and simplifies operation.


  • Compact footprint
  • Short machining times
  • Integrated workpiece automation
  • High-performance spindle with internal cooling lubricant return
  • Fast tool change


  • Tool changer
    • For roughing and finishing tools
    • For additional functions such as turning, drilling, milling and measuring
  • Chamfering during the machining process
    • Drawing-compliant chamfer geometries possible
    • Maximum reproductive accuracy and precision

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