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Новости | 20.03.2014 Successful first article inspection (FAI) of ZEFIRO and TWINDEXX Express actuators

Recently, Liebherr-Transportation Systems successfully completed the first article inspection (FAI) of the electro-hydraulic actuators it had developped for Bombardier’s* ZEFIRO* high-speed trains and TWINDEXX* Express double-deckers. The first devices of this family of highly integrated actuators were then manufactured under serial production conditions at the company’s plant in Korneuburg (Austria) and delivered to Bombardier Transportation GmbH in Netphen (Germany). Hence, serial production is soon to start in Korneuburg, Liebherr’s center of excellence for rail vehicle systems.

Liebherr actuators significantly improve ride comfort and reduce wear on both wheels and tracks. Contributing to the reduction of the lateral forces on the bogie, the ZEFIRO version actuators increase ride comfort at high speeds, in particular. The TWINDEXX actuators slightly tilt the train in curves, thus compensating the so-called roll effect and allowing higher travel speeds on winding tracks.

*BOMBARDIER, ZEFIRO and TWINDEXX are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.