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Новости | 26.02.2014 Liebherr domestic appliances: Facebook page and domestic appliances blog now online

From 26 February onwards, Liebherr domestic appliances will offer customers and trade partners two new communication platforms: the domestic appliances blog and a Facebook page.

The blog will keep readers regularly informed of the latest news and advice on food storage, healthy eating and Liebherr refrigeration and freezing products.

The Facebook page will tell users about new items on the blog. Using the integrated service channel, customers looking for advice can contact the experts at the Liebherr info centre for answers to questions and for advice on refrigeration and freezing. The page will also include fun, interactive features.

Liebherr domestic appliances has already been on YouTube and Twitter for two years. While Twitter users receive news and information on new products and blog entries, informative films on YouTube demonstrate innovations in refrigeration and freezing.