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Новости | 03.04.2014 Sibelco Deutschland choose Liebherr crawler excavators

Sibelco Deutschland GmbH, a supplier of mineral raw materials for the ceramics industry, have purchased three crawler excavators type R 946. The crawler excavators with an operational weight of approx. 40 tons are used in surface clay mining at the pits “Pfeul“, “Petschmorgen” and “Christel” in the German Westerwald region.

The Liebherr crawler excavators are particularly suitable for clay mining because they have to provide great tearing and break-out forces for releasing hard clay layers while still being able to handle delicate tasks. Up to 20 different types of clay are mined selectively to ensure that the clay quality is as constant as possible. The R 946 is equipped with a 6 cylinder in-line engine which meets the requirements of the current emission stage IIIB and produces 200 kW / 272 PS at 1,800 min-1.

Sibelco Deutschland GmbH are very concerned about quality, environmental protection and safety and are therefore convinced that the new Liebherr crawler excavators were the right choice. The company have already had good experiences with crawler excavators and crawler tractors from Liebherr in the past.