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Новости | 09.05.2014 Fleet of over 40 tower cranes at the urban development project “aspern+ Vienna’s Urban Lakeside”

Over 40 Liebherr tower cranes from the EC-B and EC-H crane systems are being used for the first phase of the “aspern+ Vienna’s Urban Lakeside” construction project in Austria. The modular design of this crane series means that each crane can be optimally configured to fit the construction project’s requirements. The modular undercarriages, tower elements, adaptor sections, jib sections and drive units offer diverse combinations.

The “aspern+ Vienna’s Urban Lakeside” construction project is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. A new, multifunctional city quarter is being built on 240 hectares of land in the northeast of Vienna. More than 2.2 million square meters of gross floor area are being created, containing housing and office space as well as commercial, scientific and educational districts.

Recently an amazing happening occurred at Vienna's Urban Lakeside: "Crane Lake", a ballet of cranes. The dense jumbling of tower cranes with the Vienna skyline as backdrop was transformed into a fascinating and unique theatrical event at dusk. Around 40 illuminated tower cranes moved in tact to music, in tandem with a breathtaking light show.