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Пресс-релизы | 06.09.2013 Exceptional convenience: the new NoFrost built-in freezers

The range of built-in freezers is being currently expanded to include three models with NoFrost refrigeration technology in energy efficiency class A++. The new IGN 1054 for niche-size 72 cm integrates seamlessly into handle-free kitchens, and is the perfect partner for refrigerators designed for niche-sizes 102 and 122 cm. The IGN 1654 for niche-size 88 cm has four extra-deep drawers giving plenty of storage space for large food items. The IGN 2756 for niche-size 140 cm also offers ample storage space.

Not only does the professional NoFrost technology provide the convenience of ‘defrost-free’ freezing but also, by using the very latest refrigeration technology, extremely low energy consumption is guaranteed. Food is frozen with cooled circulating air and humidity is drawn out. As a result, the freezer is always ice-free and food never frosts over.

The SoftSystem closing mechanism is a delightful feature for everyday use as it gently cushions the door’s closure even when the door shelves are full. The door will automatically close from an opening angle of 30°.

The versatile VarioSpace concept allows the drawers and glass dividing shelves to be removed to create extra storage space.

A premium electronics unit, featuring a digital temperature display, ensures the set temperature is precisely maintained in both the IGN 1054 and IGN 1654. All functions are selected at the press of a button and the current temperature is shown on the LC display. Extra-deep drawers offer plenty of room for frozen food and are set on roller tracks (except for the bottom drawer).

A stylish MagicEye touch screen control unit on the IGN 2756 ensures temperatures are kept constant. All functions can be easily and gently controlled via the sensitive touch screen. Four of the six super-deep freezer drawers are set on telescopic rails, and integrated LED lighting guarantees a beautiful view of the food stored therein.