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Новости | 10.05.2014 New generation of Liebherr MPS control systems for concrete mixing plants

A new generation of the established MPS system for the control of concrete mixing plants has just been unveiled by Liebherr and is already available on the market. Quick reaction times and maximum precision provided by the processor control featuring real-time capable operating system ensure outstanding plant outputs and concrete quality. The open system of this software-based solution allows upgrading at any time, as well as integration into other data systems.

State-of-the-art display screen visualisation of the Litronic-MPS III provides a comprehensive overview of functions for the mixing technician, and in turn straightforward operation of the overall plant. A requisite and uniform consistency of the concrete is guaranteed via after-run optimisation, tolerance monitoring and adjustable moisture measuring. Several languages are available with which the plant can be operated. Liebherr currently offer more than 20 languages, however, more would be available upon request.