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Пресс-релизы | 01.05.2014 Expansion of Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH: Construction Progress on Schedule

In the summer of 2012, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH began a large-scale expansion at its site in Lindenberg (Germany): Once construction work is completed in 2018, the plant will have grown from its original size of 127,000 m² to more than 160,000 m². The production area, currently 65,000 m², will then cover 75,000 m². The system supplier’s goal is to boost production capacity for the long term and thus meet the increasing demand.

At the end of 2013, the first buildings were completed to schedule. On a ground area of some 15,700 m², a hall was built for the logistics department and flight control systems assembly. Sales and customer services will also move into new offices in this building. In addition, a building with aground area of 2,900 m² was constructed to accommodate − amongst other things − landing gear assembly and the firefighting service.

Logistics: Increased Capacity of the Warehouse

Logistics, which includes the incoming goods section, the warehouse, the shipping section and customs section, moved into the new hall at the beginning of 2014. Due to the growing order volume and increasing customer requirements regarding lead times, it was not only necessary to increase the capacity of the warehouse, but also to adjust the processes employed. In the small parts store, which now has space for 45,000 containers, up to 1,232 containers per hour will be processed in the future by the four storage and retrieval systems. The new large parts store has capacity for 7,000 euro-pallets. There, up to 234 pallets an hour can be moved by three storage and retrieval systems. The containers and euro-pallets are conveyed fully automatically from the fourth basement level of the warehouse, which is 20 m underground, to the ground floor for order picking.

Assembly: Optimized Work Stations and Processes

The relocation of the flight control systems assembly is well underway. Dismantling and reassembling more than 130 test benches and taking them into operation again are the greatest challenges there. At the start of the year, the first work stations for the assembly of flight control components were set up in the hall. Using the "cardboard engineering" method, employees designed their work stations themselves. They developed new assembly lines, which were set up as cardboard models, true to scale with fine detail. Simulating the work processes and documenting the requirements to the supporting sections such as methods services, design of manufacturing equipment, logistics, IT, procurement and scheduling enabled optimal logistical processes to be developed.

Importance Was Attached to Sustainability

In the planning of the hall, importance was attached to sustainability. The entire building has a green roof, which allows rain water to be collected and fed into a newly built reservoir. Moreover, a heat pump is used to generate energy for heating from process heat.

The previous assembly halls are being renovated and converted, and will be used for production in the future.

Liebherr-Aerospace is a leading supplier of systems for the aviation industry

Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS, Toulouse (France), is one of ten divisional control companies within the Liebherr Group and coordinates all activities in the aerospace and transportation systems sectors.

Liebherr-Aerospace is a leading supplier of systems for the aviation industry and has more than five decades of experience in this field. The range of aviation equipment produced by Liebherr for the civil and military sectors includes flight control and actuation systems, landing gear and air management systems. These systems are deployed in wide-bodied aircraft, single aisle and regional aircraft, business jets, combat aircraft, military transporters, military training aircraft, civil helicopters and combat helicopters. Liebherr’s aerospace and transportation systems division employs more than 4,700 people. It has four aviation equipment production plants at Lindenberg (Germany), Toulouse (France), Guaratinguetá (Brazil) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). These production sites offer a worldwide service with additional customer service centers in Saline (Michigan/USA), Seattle (Washington/USA), Wichita (Kansas/USA), Montreal (Canada), Sao José dos Campos (Brazil), Hamburg (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Dubai (UAE), Singapore and Shanghai (People’s Republic of China).


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