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Пресс-релизы | 01.03.2014 Six Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps for the Largest Concrete Pump Operator in Great Britain

Situated in Tamworth, Great Britain, Professional Concrete Pumping Ltd. (PCP) placed an order at the end of January for six Liebherr truck-mounted concrete pumps from Liebherr-Betonpumpen GmbH in Neu-Ulm (Germany). This order represents the single largest customer order placed for Liebherr-Betonpumpen GmbH since their takeover of concrete pump manufacturer Waitzinger in October, 2012.

PCP's order comprises four truck-mounted pumps of type THP 110 / 24 M4 XH and two truck-mounted pumps of type THP 140H / 37 Z4 XXT. Liebherr's THP 110 / 24 M4 XH boasts a reach of 24 m and a maximum concrete delivery rate of 110 m³/h. The THP 140 H / 37 Z4 XXT is a part of the 37-metre class, attaining a maximum delivery rate of 140 m³/h and is equipped with the patented XXT outrigger.

An XXT outrigger is extremely versatile and provides particular advantages. The rear and the front pivoting arms are arranged on the same bearing point of the boom pedestal, allowing the boom forces to be channelled directly into the outriggers. This type of outrigger is extremely robust and torsionally-resistant. When applying the narrow support configuration, the XXT outrigger lends a considerably greater working area than other support systems. Flexibility of the front outrigger system allows the machine to adapt to spatial conditions on the building site without compromising the working area.

Professional Concrete Pumping Ltd. is one of the largest concrete pump operators in Great Britain. Premium quality, user-friendliness and sturdy design of the truck-mounted concrete pumps was decisive in their decision to purchase from Liebherr. Moreover, future security of Liebherr concrete pumps and value retention in the event of resale was also pivotal. The management of PCP have made clear their intentions to continue purchasing Liebherr concrete pumps for expansion of their existing fleet of concrete pumps.


Klaus Eckert

Руководитель отдела маркетинга

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