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Пресс-релизы | 18.03.2014 Liebherr Crawler Concrete Pump THS 110 D-K at the Construction Machinery Exhibition in Bern 2014

At the 2014 construction machinery exhibition in Bern (Switzerland), Liebherr presents its crawler concrete pump THS 110 D-K with features a maximum concrete output of 102 m³/h and a six-cylinder engine. The series of Liebherr crawler concrete pumps encompasses three different models - the THS 80 D-K, the THS 110 D-K and the THS 140 D-K providing max. concrete outputs of 65 m³/h to 135 m³/h.

Smooth running and outstanding suction performance are the hallmarks of a powerful pump unit in the crawler concrete pump THS 110 D-K, while an open hydraulic circuit guarantees reduced system maintenance requirements. Additional structural details also contribute to optimum serviceability. Utmost importance was afforded during the design phase to ensure that wear parts could be replaced quickly and easily. The smooth surfaces of the pump housing are easy to clean and the shape of the concrete hopper, devoid of edges and projections, minimises the accumulation of concrete residue and soiling. An extensive standard scope of delivery for the crawler concrete pump includes for example, a 500-litre capacity water tank with water pump, as well as a lockable toolbox.

The new Liebherr crawler concrete pump is particularly suited for applications in which pumping of the concrete is constantly being relocated around the building site. Manoeuvring and operation of the crawler track-mounted concrete pump is effected via remote control.

A typical application for crawler concrete pump is the supply of concrete to drilling equipment for bored piling foundations. Deep holes are drilled into the earth and then filled with concrete following extraction of the drill. Crawler concrete pumps are employed alongside the drilling equipment at the various operation points, whereby the concrete hose remains permanently connected to the drilling equipment.


Klaus Eckert

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