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Пресс-релизы | 18.03.2014 Liebherr Crawler Excavator R 960 SME for Quarrying and Mass Excavation

At the 2014 Construction Machinery Exhibition in Bern (Switzerland), Liebherr presents the crawler excavator R 960 SME. The excavator in the 60-tonnes class has been introduced to the public at Bauma 2013 in Munich (Germany). It takes the place of the Super Mass Excavation version of the R 954 C. In Bern, the R 960 SME is on display with a 6.7 m mono boom, a 2.8 m stick and an HD backhoe holding 3.25 m³ with hydraulic quick connection system.

With a service weight of approximately 60 tonnes, the R 960 SME occupies a position between the R 956 and the R 966. The use of undercarriage elements from the larger R 966 and the increased ballast weight increase the stability of the R 960 SME. As a result, this excavator can be used with buckets of up to 3.5 m³ capacity. The Liebherr inline 6-cylinder engine that powers the R 960 SME has a rated output of 250 kW (340 hp) and complies with the Stage IIIB / Tier 4i emission limits.

For heavy-duty extraction work or bulk excavation, the R 960 SME has a number of special features, for example kinematics chosen for arduous working conditions, with uprated dipper arm and bucket rams compared with the standard version. With this specification the R 960 SME reaches tearout forces of up to 287 kN and breakout forces up to 346 kN. To protect the steel structure, there are guards under the dipper arm and gooseneck boom.

The crawler excavator can be obtained with various protective devices and systems for quarrying and in particular for demolition work: FOPS and FGPS, hydraulic ram piston-rod guards and protective covers for lubricating pipes and the slewing gear.

The bottom dump bucket and backhoe are both equipped with the Liebherr ‘Z’ self-sharpening tooth system for best possible penetration over a long operating period.

The redesigned cab of the R 960 SME offers the operator ample space with an ergonomically correct layout for the switches and controls and an air-sprung, heated seat as standard equipment. Liebherr’s unique touch display makes it easy to operate the controls intuitively, select the preferred working mode, function or attachment and also access a series of functions for maximum operating convenience. The cab has impact-resistant glass in the windscreen and skylight, for even more thorough operator protection during quarrying and similar work. A reversing camera is standard equipment.


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