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Пресс-релизы | 18.03.2014 Liebherr MK 140 Mobile Construction Crane at the Bern 2014 Construction Machinery Exhibition

The MK 140 mobile construction crane will celebrate its premiere in Switzerland at the Bern Construction Machinery Exhibition which will take place from 18 to 23 March 2014 in Bern. The completely newly developed MK 140 was first unveiled to the public at the Bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany and since then has had a very positive reaction from the trade. It will go into full production this year.

The new Liebherr MK 140 is a compact five-axle model which features an enormous range and massive lifting capacity whilst retaining compact dimensions. In standard trolley jib mode its lifting capacity at the tip is 1,700 kg with a radius of 58.5 m. The maximum lifting capacity of the new MK 140 is 8,000 kg.

In standard trolley jib mode, both its range and its hook height have been drastically increased compared to the MK 100. With the tower completely retracted, the crane can still be operated for limited heights. Depending on the type of use and required hook height, the tower can be extended halfway or fully.

Variable hook height and radius

In addition to its standard trolley jib mode, the MK 140 also has a special mode, the "adjustable jib mode". This mode allows the jib to be infinitely adjusted from -20° to +70° whilst holding a load. The hook heights that can be achieved by this of up to 95 m underline its great flexibility for use on construction sites. In addition, the radius can be increased to 60.0 m by simple handling. The MK 140 sets new standards in the mobile construction crane segment with the hook heights and radius that can be achieved in adjustable jib mode.

Various tip extensions are available for the MK 140's jib. With the one-piece additional tip, the MK 140 can achieve a radius of 62.4 m. This additional tip can be left in place whilst the crane is being driven on public roads. A second tip extension can extend the range to 65 m. With this radius, the new MK 140 has a lifting capacity at the tip of 1,000 kg.


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