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Пресс-релизы | 05.10.2015 Liebherr Delivers First LHM 800

  • World’s strongest mobile harbour crane for Port Bronka
  • Crane assembled by Liebherr in Rostock and shipped to St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • LHM 800 in container configuration for Montecon already in production

Liebherr Maritime Cranes delivered the first flagship mobile harbour crane LHM 800 in heavy lift configuration. Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex Bronka took delivery on the 26th of September 2015

Located at the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, Port Bronka is about to become an important multipurpose terminal on the Baltic Sea. In order to easily handle growing vessel sizes and heavy industrial goods right from the beginning, Port Bronka ordered the giant model of Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane product range: the LHM 800. The crane was transhipped fully assembled to the customer and is ready for operation.

Special Heavy Lift Configuration

Designed for handling of oversized and heavy lift cargo, the first LHM 800 is equipped with a special reinforced 64 metres boom with a total weight of 63 tonnes. Two winches and a four-rope configuration provide a maximum lifting capacity of 308 tonnes. This exceeds the maximum capacity of the so far strongest mobile harbour crane, type LHM 600, by 100 tonnes.

The cranes total weight of 820 tonnes is evenly spread to the ground thanks to four double supporting pads with a total area of more than 100 square metres. In driving mode 36 axel sets with altogether 144 wheels provide a remarkable mobility for a crane of this size.

In addition to single lifts, the new LHM 800 is also designed for tandem lifts. With Liebherr’s tandem operation tool Sycratronic® activated, synchronised movement is guaranteed, and one crane driver can simultaneously operate both cranes for improved speed, capacity and safety. In tandem operation with a second LHM 800, the maximum lifting capacity rises to 616 tonnes.

1,300 Kilometres over the Baltic Sea

After eight months of production, the LHM 800 was shipped fully assembled by the open deck vessel MV Papenburg. To ensure roll-on roll-off, the specialised vessel needed to get an elaborate steel and wood enlargement by three metres to a total width of 18 metres. By the help of a specifically designed ramp, it took the giant crane only one hour to drive onto the open-deck vessel. After one and a half days of on-board stowage, the MV Papenburg started its three-day-long journey to the 1,300 kilometres distant Port Bronka.

Next LHM 800 Already in Production

Montecon S.A. opted for the first LHM 800 in container handling configuration, which is already in production in the Liebherr Rostock plant. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, the container terminal operator Montecon ordered a high-rise version of the LHM 800. The specially designed tower extension of nearly ten metres provides an eye level of more than 40 metres. The fulcrum point is above 36 metres which naturally eases the handling of large vessels. Thanks to its enormous outreach of 64 metres, the LHM 800 is able to efficiently service container vessels which are as wide as 22 container rows.


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