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Новости | 16.09.2015 HS 8300 HD - perfect dredging solution

The first HS 8300 HD duty cycle crawler crane was recently sold to the Chioggia (Italy) based customer Zeta S.r.l. It will be installed on a ship for various dredging applications in the Mediterranean Sea.

The HS 8300 HD will be part of the equipment of a 41,000t heavy ship manufactured by Cantiere Navale Vittoria S.p.A, which can be classified as hopper dredger ship. The ship is intended to maintain navigable waterways in the Mediterranean Sea, especially trough deepening those canals that are seriously threatened of becoming silted.

The crane is equipped with the hybrd drive Pactronic offering both economic and ecological advantages. Mounted on a pedestal the HS 8300 HD has a weight of about 240 tonnes. It is equipped with a main boom of 41m and an underwater 2-rope hydraulic clamshell with a capacity of 20m³. For optimum performance the crane is fitted with two hydraulic freefall winches offering approximately 50t of line pull each.