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Новости | 24.09.2015 Optional features for mining excavators: a solution for every need

Because every project is unique, Liebherr always strives to offer the best solution to meet our customers' needs. As a result, Liebherr has developed a large range of options for our mining excavators in order to optimise machine performances, reduce maintenance time, minimise noise emissions and further improve operator comfort. Thanks to the optional features, Liebherr is helping customers reach their ambitious expectations in terms of economical performance and safety.

Extreme temperatures can impair machine performance if they are not adequately prepared for. To face freezing temperatures as low as -50°C, Liebherr offers an arctic package designed to facilitate diesel engine start-up, maintain optimal viscosity of the hydraulic oil or grease or even program cab pre-heating. For high-altitude applications, optional features are also available to maintain the high level of performance of Liebherr excavators.

To maximise machine uptime, Liebherr also offers optional features designed to reduce maintenance time by making service access easier. As an example, for 100t class excavators (R 9100, R 9150) every fluid refill points can be relocated to be accessible directly from the ground level, making service even faster and easier, with guaranteed safety.

Liebherr has developed a full range of protections for undercarriage-related components (belly plate, rock protection for idler wheel, track chain guide, etc...) in order to maximise their lifetime, as a result of being often exposed to the risks of falling rocks or debris. Cover protections are also available to prevent cylinders piston rods from being damaged by rocks in both backhoe and face shovel configuration.

When excavators must be operated close to residential areas or protected natural areas, Liebherr is able to fit excavators with additional sound attenuation packages. These optional features significantly reduce generated noise emissions while maintaining peak machine performance.

Last but not least, because the operator is the most important asset, ensuring his comfort and safety remains a priority. In addition to the many devices already fitted in standard configuration, optional comfort features include seats with built-in heating and climate control, sun-visors, bottle coolers and 4-point seat belts. Safety features are complemented by the powerful dual-agent fire fighting system (with foam and powder) so that the operator and service staff can work effectively and in complete peace of mind.