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Новости | 19.08.2015 Liebherr mining excavators for maximum productivity

The Liebherr product portfolio contains a large number of machines for the mining industry that perform a wide range of tasks both efficiently and reliably. Liebherr customers from Germany to New Zealand confirm that the powerful machines impress with their performance, efficiency and high productivity in a variety of quarry operations.

The first time Liebherr presented the R 9150 mining excavator at a European trade fair was at the Steinexpo 2014. The machine is equipped with robust components, specifically designed for mining purposes. These components, developed and produced by Liebherr, are the basis of the machine’s high reliability. The backhoe and shovel are designed as standard for a nominal volume of 8.3 cubic metres. The optimised Liebherr bucket and the specific wear protection package ease penetration into the material. This means excavator operators can loosen solid material in the quarry and fill the bucket more easily. Remarkable performance and quick cycle times make the R 9150 an extremely efficient excavator. Its high productivity makes it a serious competitor, even for machines in the 200-ton class.

In quarries worked by Schiewe GmbH & Co. KG in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany, Liebherr mining excavators extract shell limestone from the Triassic period. In order to be able to cope with the enormous quantities of 600,000 up to 700,000 tons annually, the company examines the machines in terms of their efficiency and sustainability prior to purchase. Together with the Liebherr dealership, Grotemeier in Bünde, the R 984 mining excavator with 7.5 cubic metre capacity bottom-dump bucket was found to be the most effective equipment for direct excavation. Since this excavator was able to impress with its high level of performance, Schiewe invested in an additional R 9150 with an 8.0 cubic metre bottom-dump bucket.

"Our latest acquisitions, the Liebherr R 9150, as well as the R 984, have proved to be equally well-suited to the extraction process in the quarry. Both the Liebherr excavators have the right operating weight and more than sufficient hydraulic power for the direct excavation method. A feature of both machines is also their tremendous efficiency," commented director Rolf Schiewe, emphasising his satisfaction with the Liebherr machines. He values the low fuel consumption, but not only for reasons of efficiency. “Environmental protection is important for us. We make a real effort to ensure we control the impact of our business activities on the environment. Fuel savings are an important step in this direction.”