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Новости | 24.07.2015 The first ever LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane in Mexico

Liebherr recently completed the first delivery of an LTM 1750-9.1 crane to Mexico. At the start of July, Mexican crane contractor GMVykon took delivery of the new 750-tonne crane at the Liebherr factory site in Monterrey (Mexico). The 9-axle mobile crane represents a major upwards expansion of the company's fleet and it is now the most powerful crane in the vehicle pool. GMVykon gave its reasons for buying from Liebherr as its well-known good service and its direct presence in Mexico.

GMVykon believes that the Mexican market is very positive for large cranes. José Cortez continues, “Mexico has good prospects with many large infrastructure, industry and energy projects. Modern, safe cranes will help us to complete these projects. We decided on Liebherr since Liebherr supports its customers with a direct presence and reliable after-sales service in Mexico. This made the decision to expand our fleet with a large crane an easy one.”

Its first job took the crane to complete installation work in a steel mill, with its next jobs being in the crude oil industry.