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Новости | 25.06.2015 Liebherr-Transportation Systems receives follow-up order for Alstom’s H3 locomotive

Liebherr-Transportation Systems has recently received a follow-up order from Alstom Lokomotiven Service GmbH, Stendal (Germany), for the delivery of a bogie coupling system. This hydraulic system is scheduled to be integrated into a three-axles hybrid shunting locomotive of the type H3 in July 2015. In 2014, Liebherr delivered the first bogie coupling system for an H3 locomotive.

The system, which has been designed by Alstom and Liebherr, couples the three axles so that the locomotive can round curves easily – despite large axial distances. This reduces wear on wheels and tracks as well as noise emissions . Thanks to this bogie coupling technology, the H3 hybrid locomotive can be used for especially heavy shunting operations.

Moreover, this application of electro-hydraulic actuators is proof again of the advantages and the efficiency of Liebherr’s technologies.