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Новости | 13.05.2015 New Generation Diesel Engines for Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes

Liebherr enhances the diesel engines for its mobile harbour crane (LHM) fleet. The smaller crane models LHM 120, LHM 180 and LHM 280 will be equipped with a stage IV / Tier 4 final 400 kW engine. The bigger crane models including the new giant LHM 800 are available with a stage IV / Tier 4 final 725 kW diesel engine. Both diesel engine versions can be boosted with the Pactronic hybrid drive system for up to 100 per cent extra power.

For the latest European Union emission standard stage IV and Tier 4 final of the US Environmental Protection Agency respectively, Liebherr has intensively optimised the whole combustion process. Liebherr developed a simple but efficient solution that reduces the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions while cutting operating costs.

The newly designed Selective Catalytic Reduction and all other system components such as injector, air- and AdBlue-pump contribute to a significant NOx reduction of approximately 98 per cent. Customers will benefit from less fuel consumption, less energy for engine cooling and less exhaust backpressure, which preserves the engine components.