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Пресс-релизы | 13.05.2015 Construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER invests in eight new Liebherr wheel loaders

  • Delegation from construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER at Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen for the handover of the machines
  • Sustainability is the focus at WOLFF & MÜLLER – Liebherr wheel loaders meet these high standards
  • There are many similarities between the family businesses

Stuttgart-based construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER is expanding its machinery stock with the addition of eight Liebherr wheel loaders. The expansion of the current wheel loader fleet was carried out with the help of Ulm-based Nagel Baumaschinen Ulm GmbH – a long-standing Liebherr sales partner. A delegation from WOLFF & MÜLLER accompanied by the relevant Nagel sales and service staff visited the Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen to take receipt of the new machines. WOLFF & MÜLLER is the first German construction company to operate 100 percent CO2 neutral and is looking to wheel loaders from Liebherr for support in this.

WOLFF & MÜLLER, specialists in sustainable construction, have purchased five Liebherr Stage IIIB/ Tier 4f L 508 compact loaders, an L 550 wheel loader and two L 566 wheel loaders, both Stage IIIB/ Tier 4f, from Nagel Baumaschinen Ulm GmbH who have worked closely with WOLFF & MÜLLER for more than 40 years.

“Our operation is highly efficient as we have skilled workers and modern machinery. It is important to us to have state-of-the-art machines in terms of both technology and the environment. This is why we are Liebherr customers,” explained Dr. Matthias Jacob, Managing Director of WOLFF & MÜLLER, during the visit to Bischofshofen. The new Liebherr compact loaders will mainly be used by WOLFF & MÜLLER for civil engineering and road construction purposes. The large Liebherr wheel loaders will be put to work for the WOLFF & MÜLLER construction materials division.

“Green Thinking”: WOLFF & MÜLLER leads by example

The “Green Thinking” strategy has given WOLFF & MÜLLER the opportunity to differentiate itself in the construction sector in terms of sustainability and quality. The business is the first German construction company to operate 100 percent CO2 neutral. This means the business compensates in other areas for each tonne of CO2 caused on construction sites or in the administration of the business. The construction company holds environmental certification under DIN EN ISO 14001 and uses exclusively green energy. Management have introduced both an environmental management system and an energy management system.

Due to these systems as well as other activities to promote the environment and sustainability, an expert jury awarded WOLFF & MÜLLER a top three placing in the German 2014 Sustainability Awards. This means that, across all sectors, WOLFF & MÜLLER is one of the three most sustainable medium-sized companies in Germany.

WOLFF & MÜLLER setting high standards for their partners in terms of environmental protection and sustainability led Managing Director Dr. Matthias Jacob and his team to opt for Liebherr and Nagel's comprehensive technical service when buying the eight new wheel loaders. For decades now, Liebherr has been pursuing the strategy of developing the most fuel-efficient wheel loaders on the market. Thanks to the hydrostatic driveline, the fuel consumption of the Liebherr wheel loaders is up to 25 percent lower than for conventional wheel loaders. This is consistent with WOLFF & MÜLLER's concept of sustainability.

The reduced diesel consumption of the Liebherr wheel loaders lowers more than just the operating costs. It also cuts emissions and protects resources as up to three kilogrammes of CO2 are produced by one litre of diesel in the combustion process. Liebherr uses a diesel particulate filter for emission control which removes over 90 percent of the soot particles from the exhaust emissions. In addition, the drive brakes hydraulically which means Liebherr keeps brake wear to a minimum. The continuous traction force regulation of the hydrostatic driveline decreases tyre wear by up to 25 percent.

WOLFF & MÜLLER and Liebherr share commitment to innovation

In keeping with its principle of "Tomorrow's construction world today with WOLFF & MÜLLER”, the medium-sized construction company has invested in innovative technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM). As well as 3D visualisations, BIM also models deadlines and costs. This ensures cost and planning certainty and thus transparency, making this method one of the key innovations in the construction sector. Liebherr is also adopting new approaches and setting new trends in its own sector. For example, Liebherr has developed LPE, the Liebherr Power Efficiency system. LPE acts proactively in the engine management of both Liebherr construction equipment as well as wheel loaders from Bischofshofen. It ensures optimal real-time interaction of all components. This enhances the responsiveness and sensitivity of the machine and lowers diesel consumption.

Like Liebherr and Nagel, WOLFF & MÜLLER is a family business which, founded in 1936, is now in its third generation. The medium-sized construction company operates 27 sites in Germany and specialises in selected construction segments and construction-related markets. Drawing on its own expertise, WOLFF & MÜLLER places reliance upon a high vertical range of manufacture. This stands at approximately 95 percent for civil engineering and road construction. Parallels with Liebherr can also be found here. In order to achieve manufacturing quality in every aspect, Liebherr develops and produces important key components itself. This means components can be calibrated perfectly to one another, thus ensuring a high degree of reliability.


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