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Пресс-релизы | 06.05.2015 Three Liebherr Wheel Loaders at Vei og Anlegg 2015: High-quality Machines for any Application

  • Liebherr wheel loaders from three different size categories at Vei og Anlegg 2015
  • Intelligent design solution enables high tipping loads at low operating weights
  • Wheel loaders with parallel linkage or industrial lift arm especially suitable for industrial applications, for example in the recycling or timber industry

Liebherr presents examples of three different wheel loader categories at Vei og Anlegg 2015, offering specific advantages to customers: The stereoloader L 509 stands out with its excellent manoeuvrability. The agile middle series all-rounder L 542 can be adjusted to individual needs through a wide range of equipment options. The large hydrostatically driven wheel loader L 580 achieves up to 25 percent lower fuel consumption than machines from other manufacturers.

At Vei og Anlegg 2015, Liebherr presents the L 580 wheel loader with industrial lift arm and a 5.0 m³ HD version rehandling bucket. Moreover, a Liebherr L 542 all-round wheel loader is on display – equipped with parallel linkage and a 4.0 m³ light material bucket. The parallel linkage features a parallel guide arrangement and high torque in the upper lifting range – ideal properties for attaching larger equipment. The industrial lift arm is a version of the parallel linkage, but with one tilt cylinder at the centre of the lift arm. Both designs are particularly suited to use in the industrial sector, for example the recycling or timber industry. Powerful Stage IIIB / Tier 4i diesel engines drive the L 580 (215 kW / 292 HP) and the L 542 (120 kW / 163 HP).

As an additional exhibit Liebherr shows the stereoloader L 509. The machine is equipped with a 2.0 m3 light material bucket. The wheel loader is driven by a 54 kW / 73 HP diesel engine. Emissions are below the limit values required according to Stage IIIB / Tier 4f. The exhibit is shown as speeder version, reaching a top speed of 30 km/h. The speeder version is an option, which is ideal for rapid journeys between working sites and fast load handling movements.

High tipping load due to intelligent design

Engineers developed a clever solution during the installation of the engine: Liebherr installs the engines in the rear of the machine – crosswise in the L 542, and lengthways in the L 580 with the output shaft facing backwards. In these unique ways, the compact design means that the diesel engine and the variable displacement pump counterbalance each other. The centre of gravity shifts to the rear of the machine. Liebherr does away with additional ballast and can achieve lower operating weights and higher tipping load potential.

The tipping load of the L 580 shown at Vei og Anlegg 2015 with an operating weight of 27,100 kg amounts to formidable 17,000 kg. The 14,900 kg heavy L 542 has a tipping load of 9,800 kg. Businesses can benefit from this balance of operating weight and tipping load as handling capacity increases per operating hour. Productivity increases with usage. Furthermore, the mounting position of the diesel engines means that all maintenance points are readily accessible.

Hydrostatic driveline ensures fuel economy

Like all Liebherr wheel loaders, the L 580 is hydrostatically powered. Under the same working conditions, Liebherr wheel loaders consume up to 25 percent less fuel per operating hour with the hydrostatic driveline. The hydraulic braking action of the drive reduces brake wear to a minimum. Continuous tractive force regulation decreases tyre wear by up to 25 percent. The hydrostatic driveline helps decrease business, service and maintenance costs.

The Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system developed by Liebherr lowers fuel consumption as well. LPE ensures that all work and travel processes of the machine interact in an ideal fashion. The system achieves the highest possible efficiency level from all elements, in which it proactively engages in engine control, enhances engine speed and adjusts the pivot angle of the hydraulic pump. As a result, handling capacity and economic efficiency is enhanced.

All-round power and comfort for specific needs

For customer-specific requirements, there is a multitude of equipment options available. The Vei og Anlegg exhibit, the Liebherr L 542 wheel loader, is equipped with a fluff trap, reversible fan drive and large-mesh radiator. These options protect the wheel loader in dust-filled environments. The fluff trap eliminates coarse dust particles and helps preserve the radiator fins from rapidly becoming blocked. The large-mesh radiator reduces blockage with fluff, wood pulp or other dirt particles. Due to the direction of rotation, the reversible fan blows dirt particles out of the radiator and cleans the cooling system. This safety measure reduces cleaning and maintenance costs and increases the availability of the machine.

The midsize wheel loaders are equipped with larger cab windows. The roof has been shortened and the upper part of the windscreen is extended farther back. To the left and right of the steering column, the cabin trim has been lowered and replaced by glass. All-round visibility is therefore even better on these models. A fold-out window for the cab’s door is an option and makes it possible to open the window completely. The cab is larger and safer, with even higher standards of comfort and convenience.

Liebherr stereo-concept enables unique manoeuvrability

The unique Liebherr stereo-concept has undergone continuous development since its launch in 1994. This steering geometry combines a centre pivot with a steered rear axle, for maximum operating efficiency even in the most confined spaces. As a result, Liebherr stereoloaders offer excellent manoeuvrability. Narrow access routes and thoroughfares do not present an obstacle for the L 509. Its turning circle is up to 20 percent tighter compared with conventional steered wheel loaders. A further advantage of the steering concept is the reduced articulation angle of just 30 degrees – compared with the articulation angle of 40 degrees of conventional models. This enables the driver to carry heavier loads, because the tipping load is increased. The L 509, exhibited at Vei og Anlegg 2015, illustrates this advantage: The machine achieves a tipping load of 4,268 kg at a low operating weight of 6,480 kg. At the same time the stereo-concept means the best stability and tipping safety in this class.


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