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Пресс-релизы | 06.05.2015 Liebherr unveils innovative Concrete Technology at Vei og Anlegg 2015

  • Innovative solutions for the transport and supply of concrete
  • Truck-mounted concrete pumps featuring patented XXT-outrigger and powerful pump unit
  • Conveyor belts as cost-effective accessories for the truck mixers

The Liebherr Group is to display two exhibits from their concrete technology product range at the Vei og Anlegg 2015. As well as the truck-mounted concrete pump 41 M5 XXT featuring patented narrow outrigger, Liebherr will present the truck mixer HTM 904 with LTB 12+4+1 conveyor belt as a change system.

Truck-mounted concrete pump 41 M5 XXT featuring patented XXT-outrigger

A compact design with short wheel base and no overhang of the distributor booms are the outstanding features of the Liebherr truck-mounted concrete pump 41 M5 XXT. The model on display at the Vei og Anlegg 2015 trade fair is equipped with a high-performance THP 170H pump unit providing a maximum flow rate of 163 m³/h. Liebherr's powerful pump units are renowned for their exceptional operational quietness. Hydraulic cylinders featuring end-of-stroke damping ensure smooth changeover of the S-pipe.

The narrow support from Liebherr is extended horizontally to the front and can be pivoted to the side, whereby the telescope of the front support is partially concealed within a recess in the rear support. For the XXT-outrigger, the long, rear pivot foot is situated on the same bearing point of the boom pedestal as the bearing point of the front support feet. This low torsion support variant is extremely stable. Forces of the boom are channelled directly into the supports without deviation. Exceptional stability, as well as a uniform distribution of piping on the left-hand and right-hand sides of the boom ensure extremely smooth operation of the boom. An electrical system to prevent undesired vibrations at the boom is not required. Flexibility of the front support foot allows the machine to adapt the respective spatial conditions of the building site to the working area without compromise.

Truck mixer HTM 904 with conveyor belt LTB 12+4+1

Liebherr are to exhibit the truck mixer HTM 904 with conveyor belt LTB 12+4+1 at the Vei og Anlegg 2015 trade fair. Nominal volume of the 4-axle vehicle is approximately 9 m³. Designed in-house by Liebherr, the conveyor belt is an accessory option for truck mixers and offers a maximum radius of 16.2 m. It allows the transport of all concrete types, including self-compacting concrete (SCC), as well as sand, pebbles or crushed stones directly into the building site. Conveyance outputs of up to 70 m³ per hour are possible.

The conveyor belt is extremely cost-effective with lesser delivery rates of between 5 and 50 m³ in particular. Materials such as pebbles and crushed stones which are not conveyed via pump can be transported using this device. Conveyor belt and concrete pump are thus optimum additions to the customer's fleet.

The LTB is equipped with a load-sensing pump for the hydraulics. Stepless adaptation of the oil flow requirement is provided by this system, guaranteeing precision movements, reduced wear and a longer service life of the oil.

The LTB 12+4+1 is equipped with a radio remote-control, allowing comfortable actuation of a variety of functions including all belt movements, stepless adjustment of conveyance speeds, drum functions or Start/Stop of the diesel engine. No longer is the driver required to stand directly alongside the vehicle on the building site, but rather may position himself at a practical vantage point away from the vehicle from where he can control the entire unloading procedure.


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