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Пресс-релизы | 29.04.2015 Liebherr Crawler Excavators proof their Endurance at Chinese Coal Mining Company Mandula

  • Decision for Liebherr because of good reliability, productivity and fuel consumption of the excavators
  • A Fleet of 15 Liebherr crawler excavators operating in Inner Mongolia
  • A long-lasting and efficient partnership between Liebherr and Mandula

The Mandula Coal Mining Co. Ltd has trusted Liebherr equipment for many years. Currently, the company operates 15 Liebherr crawler excavators in their coal mine in the Inner Mongolia. Due to the extreme working conditions there, Mandula depends on reliable machines. Furthermore, the Liebherr crawler excavators assure productivity, not only because of their reliability, but also due to low fuel consumption. Latest arrivals in their fleet are two Liebherr crawler excavators R 944 C SME.

Mandula Coal Mining Co. Ltd. operates a fleet of 15 Liebherr crawler excavators at their mine site in Holingol, located in the Inner Mongolia. The latest acquisition are two Liebherr crawler excavators type R 944 C SME that arrived in 2013. These two biggest machines of the fleet have an operating weight of approximately 44 tones. They are equipped with a Liebherr engine D 936 L, which complies with Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emission standards. This engine has a rated output of 190 kW / 256 HP.

Both Liebherr crawler excavators R 944 C SME are equipped with an S-HD undercarriage, a stick of 2.6m, a mono boom of 6.45 m and a backhoe bucket with a capacity of 2.5m³.

Liebherr offers various protective devices and systems for quarry operations. Customers can configure their crawler excavator according to local demands like extraction material or working conditions. The two new R 944 C SME have stick and boom protection plates and uppercarriage side protections. Mr Li Yongqiang, CEO of Mandula Coal Mining Co. Ltd made these optional choices in order to maximize the service life of the machine and its components. In operation for two years, today the two machines have already almost 10,000 operating hours.

The partnership between Mandula and Liebherr

In the city of Huolinguole, the company Mandula Coal Mining Co. Ltd has extracted coal since 1996. With a workforce of about 200 employees, the company’s annual production is approximately 2 million tonnes per month. The material is extracted mainly by Liebherr crawler excavators and transported by trucks.

The partnership between Liebherr and Mandula began a long time ago. Today, the company operates 15 Liebherr crawler excavators: one R 924, two R 944 C SME and twelve R 944 B.

Liebherr crawler excavators

Liebherr crawler excavators feature state-of-the-art technology and high-quality workmanship. The most important components of the drive system are all produced by Liebherr and are perfectly coordinated with one another. The engine generation, as further developed for the “C-series”, assures an effective power delivery, a high degree of efficiency and a long life expectancy. The additional third pump for swing circuit assures highest priority on swing function and increases productivity.

High demand for performance and quality is consequently converted into landmark solutions to achieve the highest level of dependability and reliability. Liebherr has over 50 years’ experience in the production of hydraulic excavators and has an unparalleled competence in design and manufacturing.

To reduce fuel consumption, the on-demand hydrostatic fan drive takes-off only the needed power. The consumption is also optimized by the engine speed sensing control and maximum output at low engine speed.

The uppercarriage layout is designed to make maintenance work safer and more efficient. Maintenance points have been brought together and can be reached without effort from ground level. This simplifies day-to-day maintenance and minimises the need to climb up on to the upercarriage. Visual checks on fluid levels and other items have been optimised with clear indications. The easy accessible centralised lubrication points for uppercarriage, boom and stick ensure short maintenance downtimes and high availability of the machine.


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